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Wasco Electric Cooperative belongs to a statewide association called the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

ORECA’s role, on behalf of Oregon cooperatives, is to lobby against mandates and laws that jeopardize things such as local control and affordable, economical and reliable power. They can’t, however, do this alone.

With the 2018 legislative session beginning February 5, it is important to encourage our members to band together to promote common- sense solutions by way of our grassroots program, ORECA-Action.

By signing up, you will maximize your voice to hold elected officials accountable and promote the importance of Oregon’s electric cooperatives.

ORECA’s priorities in representing the interests of electric cooperatives before the Oregon Legislature include:

  • Supporting the development and distribution of electricity with the highest quality of service at the lowest possible rates consistent with prudent business practices.
  • Maintaining the integrity of Oregon utility territorial laws and allocations that protect members and their investments in their electric co-ops.
  • Supporting the coordinated development of rural areas in Oregon through the supply of low-cost Bonneville Power Administration power to rural business, industry and homes.
  • Protecting the ability of electric cooperatives to do business in Oregon by retaining the Cooperative Corporation Statutes.
  • Maintaining the benefit of self-governance of member-owned utilities.
  • Preserving the benefits of the low-cost federal hydro system, and preserving preference power for consumer-owned utilities.
  • Maintaining the right of electric cooperatives to provide additional services, without significant tax penalties, to our consumer-owners.

From time to time, ORECA may delve into national and federal issues to protect the interests of electric cooperatives.

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Watch this video to learn more about how your voice can make a difference.

Remember, you can make a difference!