Budget Billing Sign-Up

Sign up for our Budget Billing Program and receive the security of knowing your power bill will be the same amount each month.

We will total your previous year’s usage, then divide that amount into 12 equal payments for the coming year. The budget plan runs from May through the following April.

It is easy to qualify for the program:

  • You must be a residential member
  • Must have lived in the same residence for the past year and
  • Be current on your bill through this April.

To sign up; complete, sign and return the budget billing application to our office by Thursday, April 20th. Your first budget payment will be reflected on your May bill.

How our program works:

In May 2023, you will receive a letter indicating your monthly budgeted amount.  You will begin paying this amount with your May statement.  This amount will not change unless one of the following occur –

  • You request an increase or decrease in your monthly budgeted amount and this adjustment is justified with your usage
  • An account is reviewed and an increase or decrease is recommended.
  • A rate increase occurs, in which case, rates will be adjusted accordingly and you will be notified by mail.

In April 2024 you will receive a statement showing the actual account balance that is due.  This is when we “true-up” accounts to a zero balance.

We recommend reviewing the actual account balance on your statement monthly.  During the summer and early fall months you should build a credit on your account, so during the higher usage months, the credit is used to compensate your budgeted amount.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my “actual account balance” on my statement?

  • This is located to the right of the blue message area

What is the difference between the amount due & actual account balance?

  • The amount due indicates the budgeted amount to pay monthly, which may include any late charges and past due balances. The actual account balance indicates your account balance, if you were to request to be removed from the budget program, this would be the amount due.  If the letters “CR” follow an amount, this indicates a credit on your account.

I received assistance, should I continue to make my monthly payment even if my amount due shows a credit?

  • Assistance payments can take 4 to 8 weeks to reach our office.

 Can I pay more than my budget amount?

  • If you make more than your scheduled monthly budget payment, your next payment will be reduced by any overpayment. If overpayment is made, please contact the office.