Electric Service

Full Time Residential Services

The cooperative will extend electric service to any full-time residence, which is resting on a permanent foundation and has an approved water and sewer system, without charge provided the total estimated cost does not exceed the cooperative’s construction credit allotment of $2500.

If the estimated cost of construction exceeds the construction credit allotment, the applicant shall pay a cash aid-in-construction for the differential amount prior to the construction of any service.

Part-time Residential and Non-residential Services

Line extension for part-time residential and non-residential services, which include but are not limited to seasonal homes, stock pumps, irrigation systems, commercial or industrial operations, etc., will be constructed upon receipt of the entire estimated construction costs. These services do not receive any construction credit allotment from the cooperative.

Required items

We need the following items prior to activating your service:

  • CompletedĀ Membership Form
  • A legal description of the property
  • All right-of-way easements
  • The first years minimum charges (based on transformer size) in advance or a satisfactory letter of credit from a previous utility
  • All estimated construction costs in excess of the construction credit allotment

Wasco Electric will provide electric service to all member-applicants within the boundaries of it’s service territory according to the policies approved by the board of directors.

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