Electric Service


Wasco Electric Cooperative (WEC) will provide electric service to all applicants within the boundaries of its service territory according to the policies approved by the board of directors.

The following items are needed prior to activating, modifying or constructing your service:



The following steps are a list of events that will lead up to obtaining electrical service:

Step 1:  Application for Electric Service

The applicant will need to complete a WEC Application for Service. The application must be fully completed and submitted along with a site plan and all other associated paperwork. This may include applicable loading information.

Step 2: Field Review/Appointment

A representative of WEC will meet with the applicant and/or representative/agent at the project site so WEC can design the new service facilities. The meter location will be approved by the WEC representative.

Step 3: Cost of Construction and Documentation

Service Plan Estimates will be generated by WEC and submitted to the applicant for completion. Easement and Membership Forms are available for the applicant to complete and submit. The applicant is responsible for getting all necessary documents signed by the appropriate parties involved.

Step 4: Construction Scheduling

Construction will be scheduled only after all easements, copy of county permits, service plan, estimated cost, membership form & deposit have been received and the applicant’s service equipment has been properly installed. This includes having the meter panel in the proper location with the proper conduit in place. Additionally, the new service must have a valid State of Oregon electric permit number in place and have been approved by the Oregon State electrical inspector prior to energizing.

Step 5: Construction and Energization

WEC crews construct the new facilities and energize the new service.



Before WEC can complete the Applicant’s service request and begin construction, the WEC office will require the following information:

Completed Application for Service Request

  • The Application for Service Request is the initial contact between the applicant and WEC. It gives WEC information that is necessary to provide electric service. In addition, the Application for Service provides WEC with the desired secondary voltage, service disconnect size and electrical load breakdown.

Property Description, Identification and Site Map

  • Proof of ownership and legal description is required for all properties involved where new electric facilities are to be installed, from the source of power to the service location.
  • Legal Names, addresses and phone numbers of all property owners involved.
  • A map or drawing of the property or submitted county site plan.

On-Site Appointment and Field Review

  • An on-site appointment needs to be completed by WEC to design the electric service. The applicant or their representative needs to contact WEC to schedule this on-site visit.

Plan of Service / Estimate Letter

  • WEC requires a Plan of Service for all new services. This document will be generated by WEC upon completion and approval of the Application for Service, design and associated costs. This is an agreement between WEC and the applicant to provide a new line extension, a modification of existing service, or installing temporary power. Costs may include, but are not limited to: materials, labor/transportation costs, permit fees, filing fees, independent consultants, overheads and contractors.
  • The Plan of Service / Estimate letter requires a signature by the applicant. Payment is due in advance of construction.

WEC Membership & Deposit

  • New members of WEC need to apply for membership and pay a deposit or provide a letter of credit prior to receiving electric service. An existing Member of WEC will be required to pay an additional meter fee for more than one service.


  •  As a condition of service, WEC will require easements providing a suitable access for the construction and maintenance of WEC facilities. With the Easement acknowledgment, the Grantor agrees to keep the easement site clear of all obstacles restricting access to maintain the electric facilities.
  • Easements shall be signed and notarized by all property owners. Easement forms will be provided by WEC upon completion and approval of the Application for Service, site visit and design. The applicant requesting the new service will be responsible for completion of the easement form and acquiring all necessary signatures.

State Electrical Permit

  • A State of Oregon electrical permit must be obtained and the number provided to WEC. The installation of the meter base must be performed by a licensed electrician or the property owner and the installation inspected by a State of Oregon electrical inspector.



It is necessary that the construction of new or upgraded electric facilities conform to the current and applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code (NEC), the National Electric Safety Code (NESC), Federal and State regulations, and WEC specifications.


Before WEC can begin construction of a new electrical service, the applicant must furnish and install the service entrance equipment as shown in the Specifications and Drawings. This includes the meter base and the conduit entering the meter base. Meter bases, main breakers and components must be UL listed, weatherproof and manufactured for the intended overhead or underground installation. The location of the metering equipment shall be solely determined by WEC and the metering equipment must be accessible by WEC at all times. The service entrance installation must be approved by a WEC representative prior to energizing the service.

WEC provides and schedules all excavation & installation of underground facilities to the point of metering.


  • Changes to the requested service prior to construction may result in developing a new Plan of Service and Estimate prior to rescheduling the work.
  • The time required to complete the steps to provide electrical service depends greatly on how long it takes the applicant to complete and submit the necessary documents and payment. It is important that the applicant indicates when the electric service needs to be available and to apply for service as early as possible.
  • Also, please consider that WEC crews may already have several weeks of work scheduled at any time. This may affect the connect date of the applicants service. Please allow ample time for WEC to design and schedule the new service installation. 



Membership Fee and Form:

A $5.00 membership fee and an original signed membership form must be received in the office prior to receiving electric service.


  • Residential and low use services are required to pay a deposit of $150.00.  The deposit may be waived with a satisfactory letter of credit, showing at least 12 months of service ending no more than 6 months ago and showing no more than 2 late payments and no returned checks within the last year.
  • General services are required to pay a deposit of $500.00.
  • Irrigation services are required to pay a deposit of $15.00 x the horsepower name plate.

If you have questions regarding the membership fee, membership form, or deposit, please contact Customer Service at the Cooperative office at 541-296-2740 or customerservice@wascoelectric.com


The cooperative will allot $2,500 towards a new electric service to any full-time residence which is resting on a permanent foundation. If the cost estimate for service is greater than the construction credit allotment, the applicant shall pay the differential amount prior to the construction of any service.

Line extension for all other services will be constructed upon receipt of the entire estimated construction costs. These services do not receive any construction credit allotment from the cooperative.