Manager’s Message — October 2021

Following a Sentinel

Before I interviewed for the general manager position at Wasco Electric Cooperative (WEC), I spoke with retiring manager Jeff Davis about myriad subjects to gain an understanding of the organization, employees, board, and membership.

It did not take long to realize I was speaking to a man who gave his best throughout his lengthy career because he cared deeply and was motivated to serve. Jeff was lucky because he loved his job and his community. In return, he gave the best he could because he felt obligated and wanted to be part of a great business.

When thinking of the electric cooperative business model, the ideal employee recognizes the uniqueness of how and why we exist and adopts the philosophy of benevolence. Jeff did exactly that. You were all the beneficiaries of his commitment for four decades.

I believe in setting goals. The first I have set for myself and WEC is to be as committed as Jeff was and continue supporting our employees to ensure excellent member service.

What differentiates consumer-owned utilities from investor-owned companies are the team members who are compelled to stand watch over the system and do their best to provide the magic of electricity. With customer service seemingly in decline in most industries, we will strive to give. We see our members as neighbors, community partners, and friends. We want to get the lights back on for you as quickly and safely as possible.

I look forward to traveling the service territory in the coming weeks and months and meeting our members. Fortunately, our annual meeting is fast approaching November 20, which will offer a great opportunity to get to know one another.

I am excited to be here in such an interesting geological location with unique cultures and commonsense individuals. I pledge always to respect the foundation on which WEC was built and do my best to continue what has thus far been steadfastly protected.

Ned Ratterman
General Manager