WECare: A Hand to Those in Need

Co-op program provides emergency low-income energy assistance

At one time or another, many of us have faced the dilemma of not being able to meet our financial obligations. In most cases, it is not a life-threatening circumstance and can be worked out.

But should you find yourself in that situation when your source of heat is threatened in the dead of winter, your concern would become serious indeed—especially if children are involved. Your stress could increase to a level of desperation.

Thanks to your generosity, Wasco Electric Cooperative can help members through the WECare program.

In your September electric bill, you will receive a card asking for your tax-deductible donation. You also may cut out the form at the bottom of this page and mail your donation to us. We hope you find it in your heart to donate to this program.

Funds received by the WECare program are used for emergency energy assistance for members who struggle to pay their electric bills. Last year, Wasco Electric members donated more than $3,786 to the WECare program. This money helped 25 families throughout the co-op’s service area. The Mid-Columbia Community Action Council determines program eligibility. Once approved, applicants’ power bills are credited by Wasco Electric for the qualifying amount, not to exceed $150 a year.

The need for energy assistance funds is high every year. Please give in the cooperative spirit to those who are less fortunate. For more information, call (541) 296-2740.