Energy Star Manufactured Home Rebate

Wasco Electric Cooperative members are eligible for a $1,100 rebate when they purchase a new Energy Star qualified manufactured home. Manufactured homes with the Energy Star rating offer excellent value for buyers, including:

  • Added insulation
  • More efficient windows and doors
  • Specially designed ventilation systems
  • Additional attention to sealing of heating ducts and air leaks

These features provide long-term heating cost savings, reduced energy costs, and increased comfort year round.

This program is available to owners of new, certified, Energy Star manufactured homes that have an electric heating system. The home must be sited within Wasco Electric’s service territory.

To apply for a rebate:

  1. Purchase a certified Energy Star Manufactured home.
  2. Submit the Application form with the Energy Star Certificate of Compliance. The Energy Star Certificate of Compliance is typically enclosed with the paperwork that is shipped with the home to the site.
  3. Once the paperwork has been received Wasco Electric Cooperative will contact you to make arrangements for an on-site inspection of the home.
  4. Once the house passes the inspection a rebate check will be issued.

For more information on tax incentives these measures may qualify for, please visit the Oregon Department of Energy web site.

Application form

NOTE, rebates subject to change without notice.

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