Rate Increase Begins This Month

In response to a cost-of-service analysis completed by a third-party consulting agency, it was decided at Wasco Electric Cooperative’s April 2022 board meeting to adopt an 8.25% rate increase that becomes effective with your June billing statement.

The COSA analyzed the cooperative’s costs –  based on individual rate classification – to deliver power and maintain infrastructure in the field while continuing to provide reliable power to members.

To ensure a reliable distribution system, WEC rates must generate enough revenue to maintain existing infrastructure.

Even after the increase, the cooperative will deliver power to residential members below the national average of $11.18 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The increase will be seen most with you delivery charge, which is the cooperative’s fixed costs to maintain the poles, wire, transformers, etc., to deliver power to your meter.

Below is a breakdown of the rates, effective June 2022.

We thank you for your continued support in our mission to provide reliable electricity at a reasonable cost that benefits our members in the tradition of public power.

If you have any questions, please call (541) 296-2740 or email WASCO Customer Service.

A full schedule of new rates is available on our website.

Bill Comparison by Rate Class

Bill Type Energy Charge Monthly Delivery Charge Demand Charge
Old New Old New Old New
Residential 9.42 ¢ 10.07 ¢ $39.25 $45 $0 $0
Low Use 11.42 ¢ 11.74 ¢ $39.25 $45 $0 $0
General Service 7.85 ¢ 8.39 ¢ $50 $57.50 $8.94 $9.55
Industrial 5.30 ¢ 5.67 ¢ $75 $86 $6.13 $9.70
Irrigation 7.94 ¢ 8.68 ¢ $0 $0 $7.52 $8.20