Osprey Platforms Help Keep the Co-op’s System Reliable

Osprey perched on top of their nest on a platform on power lines.
An osprey platform in use along the Deschutes River near Dant. Photo By Casey McCleary.

Every spring it happens: Osprey build new nests.

Osprey typically build nests on the cross arms of Wasco Electric Cooperative’s power lines along the Deschutes, John Day, and Warm Springs rivers. All are easy landing spots for the birds to nest and hunt. Although WEC crews patrol lines along the river, osprey can build nests within days. This is a concern because the nests can cause power outages or pole-top fires. Crews like to clear these nests as soon as possible.

To help prevent a buildup of nests, Maupin Foreman Frank Roeder and member Bob Gustafson came up with the optimum nesting platform. The platform measures 4 feet by 4 feet and extends beyond the power pole.

The platforms allow natural nesting for osprey along the rivers, while allowing Wasco Electric to continue to provide reliable power.