Manager’s Message — November 2020

Jeff DavisAs previously reported, this year’s regular, in-person annual meeting has been canceled. In its place, we will hold a special meeting solely for the purpose of electing directors, as required in the bylaws. The special meeting will be held via teleconference Saturday, November 21, at 11 a.m.

This year’s director elections will be done exclusively via mail-in balloting. Your ballot will be mailed to our auditing firm, Connected Professional Accountants LLC, which will validate and tabulate the election results, and report the results of voting during the special meeting.

The information booklets—including meeting information, resumes of the candidates for election, financial reports, and the absentee ballots for the director election—were mailed to each member on November 3. Photos and resumes of this year’s candidates are on pages 4 and 5 of this issue.

Canceling the regular in-person annual meeting for the first time in our cooperative’s 81-year history was not an easy decision for your board of directors, nor one they took lightly. However, it is the right decision for the health and welfare of the co-op’s members and employees. The directors and employees look forward to reconvening at the traditional in-person annual meeting in 2021.

Jeff Davis
General Manager