Manager’s Message – July 2022

Protecting Yourself & Your Neighborhood

Ned Ratterman headshotWildfires are among the worst natural and human-made disasters facing our nation. They are beginning sooner and lasting longer each year.

The term wildland urban interface is being used more often these days. This phrase and associated thought process was born primarily in the firefighting community to bring attention to the need for a buffer zone between your property and adjacent lands.

When wildfires occur, one method used to contain the spread of fires is to bulldoze a fire line, which creates a physical barrier in hopes the flames will not continue beyond that perimeter of bare dirt. According to the firefighting community, you should incorporate the concept of a fire line at home.

Wasco Electric Cooperative encourages you to create a protective zone around your buildings. The most important considerations when thinking about how to make your property and neighborhood safe during wildfire season include the following:

  • Ensure firefighter and public safety by maintaining proper ingress/egress routes to your home and community
  • Keep fuels at least 30 feet away from structures on level ground and greater distances if there are slopes – Fuels include dry grass, firewood, trees, shrubs and any combustibles.
  • Clean gutters – Remove debris from rooftops, foundations or decks
  • Encourage healthy vegetation management by tree-trimming contractors, removing dangerous trees, and supporting liberal trimming along utility rights-of-way

We all have enjoyed the recent moisture as a reprieve from expected drought conditions. We need to maintain proper trimming and make sure excess plant growth does not endanger our properties.

Membership Appreciation Picnic

Members learn about the value of hydropower at the member appreciation picnic in June. Photo by Traci Brock

We want to thank our board of directors and all members who attended our first-ever membership appreciation picnic in Tygh Valley on June 11.

Although the weather continued to provide an abundance of precipitation and our picnic was a bit wet, the crowd was enthusiastic. Members reported having a great time. The picnic was the result of many dedicated employees putting their best feet—flippers—forward.


Ned Ratterman
General Manager