Manager’s Message — February 2020

Announcing an Energy-Efficiency Partnership

Jeff DavisWasco Electric Cooperative has partnered with Efficiency Services Group to manage our energy conservation programs. ESG provides energy audits to WEC members to help identify possible money-saving measures within your home, along with information on available rebates.

We are proud to be a resource for our members to learn more about using electricity efficiently and to meet the needs of their household. WEC offers several energy-saving programs through rebates. These programs include appliance rebates, ductless heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and home weatherization rebates for windows and insulation. For more information on our current programs, please visit our website or contact our office at (541) 296-2740.

Interested in an energy audit? Call ESG at (888) 883-9879 or WEC at (541) 296-2740 to have a trained ESG representative visit with you at your home to discuss your areas of concerns and available rebates. During this visit, the representative will provide on-the-spot recommendations for energy-efficiency upgrades that could improve the efficiency of your home, such as our heat pump water heater program, LED lighting or ductless heat pumps.

This program is offered as a benefit for members at no cost. These audits are funded through the Bonneville Power Administration’s Conservation and Energy Efficiency program. WEC works in conjunction with BPA’s programs to provide valuable resources to our members to help them save energy and, ultimately, lower their electric bill.

The ESG representatives are committed to helping our members save energy and money. When in our service territory completing audits, the ESG representatives will have logos on their vehicles and wear badges identifying themselves. If you have any questions prior to your visit or want to verify the person visiting with you is an ESG representative, call ESG at (888) 883-9879 or our office at (541) 296-2740.

To schedule a weatherization audit, contact ESG at (888) 883-9879 or our office at (541) 296-2740.

Jeff Davis
General Manager