Lineworker Appreciate Day – April 13, 2020

Remember to Thank a Lineworker

Lineworks know how to get the job done. Let's thank them for powering our lives. Lineworker Appreciation Day, April 13, 2020Lineworkers serve on the front lines of our nation’s energy needs. On April 13, Wasco Electric Cooperative—along with other electric cooperatives across the country—will honor the brave men and women who work hard to keep the lights on.

Line crews work around the clock, sometimes in difficult and dangerous conditions, to keep power flowing to our local communities. Whether they’re restoring power after a major storm or maintaining critical infrastructure to our electric system, lineworkers are at the heart of our co-op.

When a storm hits, they set aside their personal priorities because Mother Nature doesn’t work around holidays, vacations and birthdays. A service-oriented mentality is one of the many admirable characteristics of an electric lineworker.

WEC invites all co-op members to take a moment and thank a lineworker for the important work they do. On April 13, use #ThankALineworker on social media to show your support for the brave men and women who power our lives.