Customer service FAQ

What is Demand?

For Commercial, Industrial, and Irrigation Customers “Demand” is the total amount of electricity being used by a consumer at any one time.  Demand varies from hour to hour, day to day and season to season.  This usage, which is expressed in kilowatts (not kilowatt-hours) is called the “demand” on the system.  Wasco Electric monitors demand

Why do I have a basic charge on my bill?

The basic charge is the fixed portion of your monthly power bill which covers the stranded or fixed costs of the system in place to provide you with electricity.  Whether you use electricity every day or simply on an occasional basis, the poles and wires remain ready to serve.  The basic charge pays for such

When will I receive my capital credits?

After the patronage capital is assigned to you, the cooperative uses your money to cover the operating costs and capital investments. This in turn helps keep your rates down by allowing us to not borrow money to operate on and make capital investments. The capital credits are refunded only upon authorization by the member-elected Board

If I die, what happens to my capital credits?

The Board of Directors, consistent with the cooperative’s bylaws, have established a policy that in order to receive a decedent’s capital credits prior to normal retirement, the refund amount is reduced by the net-present-value of the future expected distributions. This applies only to living persons and not to businesses or corporations that cease to exist.

What is capital patronage?

Capital patronage is the assignment, to Wasco Electric Cooperative members, of each account’s portion of the margins [profit] for a year.  Since Wasco Electric Cooperative is a non-profit organization, all profit or margins are assigned to you, the member-owners. An example of this is as follows: Revenue:  $1,000,000 – Expenses: $900,000 = Profit/Margins: $100,000 For

How will we know about scheduled outages?

The cooperative will need to occasionally schedule a planned outage in order to do maintenance or repair work on our lines.  In the event of a planned outage, we will make every effort to notify you by phone or through the local media.

What if the power goes out?

Report outages 24 hours a day! 541-296-2740 or 800-341-8580 Any equipment beyond the member’s meter is the responsibility of the member.  Therefore, if your power goes out, first check your fuses or breakers.  If you find a problem with the fuses or breakers, you will need to contact a local electrician for repairs.  If our

How does an electric co-op compare to other utilities?

Any revenue collected and not used to pay operating expenses [profit] is returned to the members of Wasco Electric Cooperative in the form of capital credits.  Profits earned by IOUs are repaid to stockholders, not customers.  Profits earned by PUDs and Municipals are retained by them. Wasco Electric Cooperative is locally owned and controlled by

What is an Electric Cooperative?

In 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act that made it possible for many rural people to organize electric cooperatives.  The REA, as it was called, gave electric co-ops access to low interest loans for the purpose of constructing transmission and distribution systems in order to provide central station power to rural America. 

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