Bo Gridley Retires After 23 Years With WEC

Bo Gridley with his wife at a stadium.
Bo Gridley and his wife, Jan. Photo courtesy of Bo Gridley

After 30 years in the line trade, it is time for the next chapter of Bo Gridley’s career. Bo recently retired from Wasco Electric Cooperative after 23 years with the co-op.

Growing up, Bo was intrigued by the line trade as he watched his father and close family friends who were tradesmen, and listened to the stories they shared.

During his years at WEC, Bo says he met the challenge of being a lineman by working to restore power night and day, and working to rebuild lines damaged from fires or windstorms.

Prior to coming to Wasco Electric, Bo was a lineman in the construction trade. He worked throughout the Northwest, including a short stint with Columbia Basin Cooperative in Heppner.

“Working construction in the lineman trade, you see a lot— transmission, distribution, line building, etc.,” Bo says. “It gets you experience in a little bit of everything.”

Throughout Bo’s career, the main goal of keeping the lights on for members has remained the same. However, much of the equipment—such as poles and meters—have changed, along with integration of computers and technology.

“Continually adapting is just something that you go along with as things change,” Bo says with a laugh.

Bo easily identifies his favorite part of being a lineman: the group of people he works with and the members who have become lifelong friends.

This response goes hand in hand with what Bo says he will miss the most about working, which are the friendships he developed with the crew throughout the years.

As Bo retires, he will spend time with his family: wife, Jan; son, Bo Shae; daughter, Angie; two granddaughters; and one great-granddaughter.

Other than spending time with family, Bo plans to golf, hunt, and travel.