Be Safe Around Electricity — Remember to Look Up!

With the irrigation season upon us and summertime activities just around the corner, Wasco Electric Cooperative wants to remind all of its members about the importance of electrical safety.

Throughout the Northwest, serious injuries or deaths occur every year from contact between irrigation pipe and primary power lines.

Irrigators need to pay particular attention to where overhead power lines are located in their fields.

The normal clearance between primary lines and the ground is 18 to 20 feet. The normal length of a piece of irrigation hand line is 20 feet. When held vertically, it could easily contact the primary lines, resulting in serious injury or death.

Any time you move irrigation pipe, first look up and make sure no power lines are in the immediate area. When storing pipe, do not store it directly under primary power lines.

Tree trimming, antenna installation and ladders are of particular concern when working around power lines.
Any time you work near power lines, look up and be aware of their location in relation to the area in which you are working.

If a power line is too close to the area in which you are working, please call us for assistance before you start.

If you ever come across a downed power line, stay away from it. Call Wasco Electric at (541) 296-2740 and guard the area to prevent other people from contacting the line.