2017 Solar Eclipse

As many of you are aware, August 21st 2017 will bring a total Solar Eclipse over the southern portion of Wasco County.  It is estimated that approximately 5-10,000 visitors will be traveling to southern Wasco County to view the eclipse and those arrivals look like they begin on or before August 18th.  Many more travelers will be making their way to Jefferson County to be at the epicenter.

To prepare for this event, Wasco Electric Cooperative will be increasing the number of lineman on standby during non-business hours. We do ask that members be patient, as a delay in response time to unplanned outages may occur due to increased congestion throughout our service territory.

If a power emergency occurs, call the Coop office at 800-341-8580 any time of day.

To make sure that you are prepared for this event, we encourage you to stock up on essential items 5-7 days prior; such as fuel, water, groceries, medications, first-aid supplies and any other essential items your family relies on.

Click here for the infographic.